Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2013

Teluk Intan – The ‘Independent’ Rise of Muraalie Kanan

With the pulse of GE-13 gathering more pace, there is a new emergence of energy at the Teluk Intan constituency.

A voice of hope and confidence is amplifying through the vocals of Muraalie Kanan, the once State Youth Leader of MIC claiming his deserved recognition under an Independent banner.

The ‘Independent’ Rise of Muraalie Kanan

With his reputation of being an outspoken personality, it’s not surprising that he was not well received by some quarters in the MIC resulting in him tendering his resignation from all party post in 2012.

During an exclusive interview with Malaysia Edition recently, Muraalie Kanan said that if only MIC had a better leadership today it would have been a force to be reckoned with and the likes of him would have not lost their faith in the party.

Being a financial sound person backed by his production company ventures, he definitely has the strength in depth to invest in his new political ambition independently.

Without any need of exaggeration in introduction,  Muraalie Kanan is already a welcomed personality in the local community as seen with the level of crowd support and participation to his community programs organized in recent times.

When asked by Malaysia Edition on his confidence as an independent candidate at the Teluk Intan parliament, he reckoned that his experiences during his MIC days have taught him well and tagged himself as a tested and proven product as far as the local community is concerned.

To a question on the relevance of MIC today especially with the Indian community, Muraalie Kanan said,”being an Indian I would really want them to be relevant but being an ex-MIC member I will always reserve my doubts”.

Carrying the slogan “Suara Pemuda. Kepimpinan Pemuda –Kini!” his manifesto is inclined towards the needy and under privileged fragment of the community with lots of attention given to empowering and upgrading the youth through opportunities and platform of activities.

Muraalie Kanan Muraalie Kanan was also asked on the emerging sentiment among Indians in general that their fate lies with the Prime Minister and not with MIC to which he answered, “the people have all the right to feel such a sentiment since our great PM has been instrumental in manufacturing specialized framework of programs to cater for the Indians from the very first day of his reign”.

He then added that although the Indian community is divided in a complex system of caste and sub-cultures, the efforts by the PM has started to bear fruits as seen in the success of recent events.

With his colorful political resume as evident as ever, he came out brave in making an assessment of his own chances of being the people’s choice at Teluk Intan. “Why shouldn’t I be confident since Im actually offering my services to a community which is in search of their own local candidate to represent them taking into account of the poor performance of the current seat bearers here” said Muraalie Kanan in a voice full of hunger and confidence.

Whether the 60500 voters will decide in favor of Muraalie Kanan, he is definitely a threat to any opposing member and we might be in for the biggest upset of GE13 at Teluk Intan with the triumphant heroics of an independent local hero in Muraalie Kanan.

“Let’s migrate from the sentiments of voting for a party and instead cast our votes of confidence in the character of the person” said an emotionally awakened Muraalie Kanan in ending the spicy interview session.

With the uncertain climate of politics after the 2008 ‘tsunami, it will only be safe to never rule out the chance of dark horses especially the likes of Muraalie Kanan who is standing tall with relevant reputation and commendable winning credibility.

An ‘Independent’ might be the answer in Teluk Intan’s call for “dependence”.

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